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Zero Gravity Filters - The Most Advanced, Automatic, Non-Disposable Liquid Filtration System

Liquid Filtration Technology

The Zero Gravity filter element is a spiral coil made of aerospace grade stainless steel. Its features include:

  • 100% cleaning with each backwash due to a proprietary and patented manufacturing process which winds the coil with a variable pitch, allowing the coil to open evenly (defying gravity-aka Zero Gravity feature) from top to bottom and permitting "shimmering" of the coil.
  • Absolute 20-400 micron ratings made possible with raised "nidges" on the coil's surface that are precisely varied to specification.
  • Low to "unlimited" flow systems available due to modular designed products.


Zero Gravity Filters offers the Most Advanced, Automatic and Non-Disposable Liquid Filtration Technology available. See the comparison:

ZGF Wire




100% Clean each Backwash YES NO NO
Permanent Media YES YES NO
Uninterrupted Flow During Backwash YES YES NO
5 Year Media Guarantee YES NO NO
Unaffected by Tramp Oil YES NO NO
24/7/365 Operation YES NO NO
Maintenance Friendly YES NO NO
Environmentally Friendly YES YES NO
Catastrophic Failure of Media NO YES YES
Strength of Media HIGH LOW LOW
Precision Gap Over Time YES NO NO
Cleans at Low Micron Ratings YES NO NO




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