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Zero Gravity Filters - The Most Advanced, Automatic, Non-Disposable Liquid Filtration System

Magnetic Separation Technology

Zero Gravity Filter's latest innovation is the "Maggie". The "Maggie" is the only In-Line high intensity magnetic separator with fully automatic purging capabilities:

  • Fitted in-line and is 100% self-cleaning using system pressure and requiring no additional pumps.
  • 80% better capture rate than magnetic drum separators.
  • Unmatched 1-5 micron capture results are due to 9000 Gauss, high intensity rare Earth magnets. (10x more powerful than ceramic magnets), and the low velocity flow design which maximizes the contact time between the magnet and the particles.
  • Maintence free, Automatic 24/7/365, Non-disposable, no scraper required.

Ferrous Separation Comparison
Undefeated in Head to Head Trials







Fitted in-line and fully automatic YES NO NO
1 5 micron capture YES NO NO
High intensity rare earth magnets YES N/A NO
No moving parts to wear out YES NO NO
Low maintenance no serviceable parts YES NO YES
No disposable media YES NO YES
Highest capture efficiency YES NO NO
Most efficient floor space utilization YES NO NO
Modular design expandability YES NO NO
Environmentally friendly YES NO YES

ZGF Technology Overview



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