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Zero Gravity Filters - The Most Advanced, Automatic, Non-Disposable Liquid Filtration System

Success Stories

Zero Gravity Filters have been applied successfully throughout the world in a variety of applications. The following success stories illustrate how the EasyClean, Phoenix, System 2000 and Maggie have been used:

Industry Application
Automotive Cooling Tower - Process Cooling
. Engine Washer - Ensure Part Quality
. Machine Coolant - Protect High Press Pump & Tool
  Test Flush Cell
. .
Refinery Protect Sensitive Equipment
. .
Food Processing Process Cooling Water
. .
White Water Spray Nozzle Protection
. Protect Heat Exchanger
  Vacuum Pump Seal Water
Industry Research Papers/Studies

Automatic Filtration in the Parts Washing Industry

Pulp and Paper Research Study - Various Automatic Filters on White Water

Advances in Self-Cleaning Filtration Using Variable Geometry Coil Technology


Cross Case History: Benefits of Using "Maggie" and Phoenix on Centralized Centerless Grinding Application

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