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Zero Gravity Filters - The Most Advanced, Automatic, Non-Disposable Liquid Filtration System

Zero Gravity Filters Filtration Systems

The home of Advanced Filtration and Magnetic Separation Technology.

All products are designed with the focus on technical and customer driven principles to help ensure your success. Our mission is to provide solutions for increasing quality and saving costs while improving profitability with our liquid cleaning systems. Our products take your contaminated non-ferrous and ferrous liquids and process it into a clean "solution":





Our Diamond graphic tells the story: If you need non-ferrous liquid filtration
or ferrous magnetic separation, Zero Gravity Filters has a product to handle the challenge.

ZGF products are designed to:

  • Be Undefeated in Head to Head Trials
  • Offer ingenious designs/products that deliver best in class results, low maintenance, 100% Cleaning with each Automatic Backwash/Purge
  • Offer IN-LINE installations for NO DOWN TIME- 24/7/365 capabilities
  • Provide efficient Modular designs that are interchangeable, expandable, ingeniously simple and handle low to "unlimited" flow rates
  • Build on our Aerospace precision parts design heritage
  • Exceed expectations, durability and provide a 5-year warranty
  • Be space efficient….up to 80% space savings (must see!)
  • Be Environmentally Friendly…AND save money at the same time

Again WELCOME to Zero Gravity Filters where we solve problems and improve operations (and profits).

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