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Zero Gravity Filters - The Most Advanced, Automatic, Non-Disposable Liquid Filtration System

Industries and Applications:

Partial List of ZGF Customers

For the Metalworking Industry:

  • Grinding
  • Honing
  • Machining
  • Engine & Parts washing

-International Truck & Engine

For the Pulp and Paper Industry:

  • Spray nozzle protection
  • White water
  • Vacuum pump seal water

-Georgia Pacific
-Spruce Falls

For the HVAC Industry:

  • Cooling towers
  • Chilled water circuits
  • River water in-take

-English Channel Tunnel
-General Electric

For the Chemical and Petro-Chemical Industry:

  • Analyzer protection
  • Process streams

-US Department of Defense
-Eastman Chemical
-Phillips Petroleum

For the Food Processing Industry:

  • Flume water
  • Reclaim wash water

-Ocean Spray
-JR Simplot

For the Steel Mill Indstry:

  • Wash lines

-Steel Dynamics
-Bethlehem Steel

For other General Industries:

  • Spray nozzle protection
  • Process water
  • Quench and wash water

-Quebec Hydro
-Dow Chemical
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