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Zero Gravity Filters - The Most Advanced, Automatic, Non-Disposable Liquid Filtration System

Company News:

  • AISTech Iron & Steel Technology Exposition
  • Distribution and Marketing Highlights
    • New representatives
    • New distribution rights
  • Sales Activity  

AISTech 2011

Zero Gravity Filters' exhibited at the AISTech Show show this year!  AISTech Iron & Steel Technology Exposition was held May 2nd - 4th at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis.  Zero Gravity Filters had over 200 attendees visit our booth to view working demonstrations of our machinery for a hands-on experience.  On display was the magnetic separation and oil recovery systems.  We look forward to seeing you at AISTech 2011!

ZGF Distribution and Marketing Highlights

We are proud of our affiliations and representatives. Zero Gravity Filters is pleased to announce the addition of serveral new representatives.  Hank Beeler of HB Equipment; Dan Moore and Ron Kolb of MidSouth Solutions; Mike Kleinhans of MidWest Environmental Systems; Joe Porter and Don White of White Equipment; Yeon-Sung Jung of Envinergy Company Ltd; and Francois Gond of Meca Diffusion have all joined our company as representatives to strengthen our relationship and commitment to our customers. Zero Gravity Filters continues to grow thanks to our outstanding network of representatives.

Zero Gravity Filters has been awarded distribution rights from Dosatron, the leading manufacturer of water powered dosing technology.  Dosatron chemical dispensers provide an energy efficient, simple and consistently repeatable means to automatically dilute, mix and feed chemicals into your process.  Zero Gravity Filters will be focusing on the metalworking market.  Dosatron technology allows for better process reliability (i.e. consistent concentration) and reduced chemical consumption (typically >10% reduction).  Contact Zero Gravity Filters for all your fluid dispensing needs!

Sales Activity

We are growing and it is showing. The following shows the application diversity, current sales and trial results for understanding the benefits that can be achieved:

- Zero Gravity Filters installed a Maggie automatic magnetic separator and a Smart Drum PLUS fluid recovery system in a quench operation at a transmission gear manufacturing operation.  The ZGF system is designed to remove scale from the quench water on a continuous basis.  Results: Reduced water consumption by over 80%; reduced direct operating expense by over 90% (not including reduced heat load); maintained established quality requirements; elminated direct operator interface; eliminated landfilling of disposable filter media; and reduced cooling requirements thereby reducing heat load to cooling towers.

- Zero Gravity Filters is working with a company in the Southwest processing waste water on a conventional gas production operation.  ZGF installed a 15-pod System 2000 to provide stage filtration at 35 and 20 micron at 300 gpm. Results:  The system is achieveing water standards for surface water discharge.

-Tier 1 automotive supplier installed a Maggie and Dry Mag on a trial basis. Goal was to improve clarity of filtered honing oil. Current system was a combination of magnetic drum and paper bed filter. Results: Maggie reduced the number of particles less than 15 microns by 99% and over 40 pounds of swarf removed over a 60-day period. Goal was achieved plus new system would be more cost efficient and environmentally friendly.

-Delivered a System 2000 (an EC700-6 which is a 42 filter element system) rated at an absolute 35 micron to accommodate a 600 gpm flow rate. The customer is a fish hatchery. The goal is to filter river water to protect UV system that is disinfecting the water to protect fish eggs. The system has been up and running for two years with no downtime and minimal maintenance.

-Delivered a duplexed Phoenix system to a paper mill in Australia. The goal is to remove paper fibers down to 75 micron. Thank you to Roland van Amstel of Imatech Water Technologies for your efforts.


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