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Zero Gravity Filters - The Most Advanced, Automatic, Non-Disposable Liquid Filtration System
EasyClean: EC100, 300
The EasyClean line is an industrial range of filters designed to provide 100% cleaning with each backwash for flow rates up to 150 gpm and 200 psi. Constructed of stainless steel, pneumatically operated, PLC-controlled, and the option for external backwashing capabilities, the EasyClean's modular design is ideally suited for many filtration applications.
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Phoenix: Our Flagship

Rugged, compact, and simple in design, the Phoenix operates 24/7 in the most demanding production environments. The Phoenix may easily be integrated into a plant's control and feedback system or operated independently using the sophisticated built-in feedback capabilities of the Phoenix.  Designed to handle flow rates of 40 - 250 gpm and 150 psi.

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EasyClean 700 - System 2000
An all stainless steel, modular design offering an economical solution for medium to high flow rate applications. A PLC-based control system with pneumatically operated butterfly valves provides simple and reliable operation.
System 2000
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Maggie: Magnetic Separator
Industries only in-line, high intensity, automatic, self-cleaning magnetic separator. The Maggie is fitted in-line, using system pressure, requiring no additional pumps. The Maggie is ideal for use on grinders and cast iron machining. Our environmentally friendly DRY MAG cleans the backwash by creating a dry cake and returning your clean fluid back to the system. 
System 2000
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Drawing Gallery
View detailed 3D drawings of Zero Gravity Filters products.
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Photo Gallery
View photographs highlighting the installation of our products on different applications in different industries.
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